Thursday, April 09, 2020

Free Online Conference from IRBS Seminary: The Crucified King: April 10-11, 2020

Looking for some edification on one of these days when you are cooped up in your house?

IRBS Seminary is hosting a free online conference on April 10-11 on "The Crucified King."

Speakers include J. V. Fesko, James Renihan, and Richard Barcellos.

Here's a note about the event that was sent out from IRBS:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In cooperation with the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, we had planned a conference for late March with our good friend Dr. John Fesko as the featured preacher. Sadly, that conference had to be cancelled. But with a lot of work on the part of many, we have been able to re-schedule it as a Virutal conference. We have added some preachers but kept the theme the same--we will be considering five events from the final week of Jesus' earthly ministry as recorded in Matthew's gospel. 

The sessions have been recorded at each preacher's home/office and will be streamed on both the IRBS TS and Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals Facebook pages, as well as the Alliance YouTube page.

You're invited to participate. Would you pass this on to anyone you think might be interested? There is no charge.

Here's the schedule:

1pm CDT Friday: Matthew 21:1-17 The King comes to Jerusalem (Dr. James Renihan)

2:30pm CDT Friday: Matthew 21:23-46 The King confronts His enemies (Dr. J.V. Fesko)

9am CDT Saturday: Matthew 26:30-56, 27:15-23 The King prays and is betrayed (Dr. Jason Montgomery)

10:30 am CDT Saturday Matthew 27:24-54 The King is crucified (Rev. Oliver Allmand-Smith)

12 pm CDT Saturday Matthew 28:1-10 The King conquers death (Dr. Richard Barcellos)  


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