Friday, April 03, 2020

Some Good Things About This Current Crisis

Image: Screen shot from last Wednesday's CRBC Bible study through Ephesians. This time we were smiling!

Listed below are some good things that have come about as the result of the virus outbreak and the fact that many people are spending more time at home.

Note: This list borrows from a discussion we had on this topic during our weekly online Bible Study at CRBC:

  • Some people have been introduced to home education
  • Families are spending more time together.
  • We are having our tendencies toward materialism shaken.
  • Families are sitting down together at the dinner table more often.
  • For some there is more time to pray, to read the Bible, and to read good Christian books.
  • We are learning greatly to appreciate the privileges of Christian fellowship and corporate worship.


Mad Jack said...

Especially the part about home schooling. Start school at 9:00 AM, and by noon the student has finished his daily school assignments. By 3:00 PM the chores are finished and it's possible that a favorite subject is studied some more.

Jeffrey T. Riddle said...

MJ, thanks for the comment. Good to hear from you. Yes, I agree. I wonder how many people will decide to begin homeschooling as a result of this "crisis."

Hope you are doing well.