Saturday, February 04, 2017

2017 HBU Theology Conference Schedule

The schedule for the upcoming 2017 Theology Conference at Houston Baptist University (March 2-4) has been posted. The theme is on the canon and formation of the Bible: "How the Bible Came into Being." My paper will be "The Ending of Mark as a Canonical Crisis" (see the abstract here) and, DV, will be presented on Friday (March 3) in the 11:00 am session. I enjoyed the conference last year at HBU and look forward to it this year.

Conference schedule:

Thursday (March 2)
7:30pmPlenary Lecture 1 (Belin Chapel)
James Charlesworth: “New Ways of Looking at Sacred Texts Regarded as ‘Apocryphal’ or ‘Pseudepigraphical’”
Friday (March 3)
9:30-10:30Session 1a
Randy Richards – “Honor/Shame, Plagiarism and Publishing the Gospels Anonymously”
Douglas Estes – “Why a Fourth Gospel? A Counterfactual Look at the Need for a ‘Spiritual Gospel’”
Session 1b
Garet D Robinson – “Thank God for Heretics? Evaluating the Influence of Heterodoxical Movements on the Early Formation of the Christian Scriptural Canon”
Adam Harwood – “Weighing the Books: A Model for Evaluating Competing Canonical Traditions”
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:30Session 2a
Christopher Atkins – “On the Canonical Discussion of The Shepherd of Hermas in the Patristic Era”
Jeremiah Bailey – “The Canon in Clement and Clement in the Canon: 1 Clement as Receiver of the New Testament and as Candidate for Inclusion”
John D. Meade – “‘Canon’ Terminology of Epiphanius of Salamis”
Session 2b
Jeffrey T. Riddle – “The Ending of Mark as a Canonical Crisis”
Thomas G. Doughty, Jr. – “The New Testament Canon as Tradition and Implications for Theological Method”
Nathan Hays – “Genesis 1–3 as Orientation to the Canon”
2:30-3:30Session 3a
Mark Bendall – “The Ethiopian Canon”
Rex D. Butler – “Sacred Writings in Perpetua’s Diary”
Session 3b
Randy Hatchett – TBA
Jordan Barrett – “A Theological Account of Canonization”
3:30-4:00Coffee Break
4:00-5:00Session 4a
Josh Pinkston – “Creating Resonance: The Biblical Canon as Intertext with Jonah as a Case Study”Jonathan Patterson – “The yom yhwh of Zephaniah and the Innertextual Relationship with the Book of the Twelve”
Session 4b
Charles A. Sommer – ““To Make the Hands Unclean”: The Rabbinic Understanding of CanonTimothy E.G. Bartel – “The Sweetened List: The Strange Case of St. Gregory Nazianzen’s Poem on the Biblical Canon”
7:30Plenary Lecture 2 (Belin Chapel)
Lee McDonald “Why and When Was Scripture Written? Looking at the Old Testament Writings”
Saturday (March 4)
6:30 PMPlenary Lectures 3 & 4 (held at Lanier Theological Library*)
James Charlesworth “The Theological Value of the ‘Rejected Texts’ and Dead Sea Scrolls for Understanding Jesus”
Lee McDonald “Why and When Was Scripture Written? Looking at the New Testament Writings”

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