Tuesday, February 26, 2019

WM 118: Agros Church Podcast on Confessional Text

Image: Dane and Taylor on the Agros Church Podcast (2.22.19)

I just posted WM 118: Agros Church Podcast on Confessional Text to sermonaudio (listen here).

In this episode, I am sharing the audio of a video podcast posted to youtube.com last week (on 2/22/19) by Dane Johannsson and Taylor DeSoto, elders at Agros Church in Gilbert, Arizona (Be sure to check out the book collection in the background!—also check out my blog post on visiting Lloyd Sprinkle’s library).

The podcast is titled, “Dr. James White and the Confessional Text.” In this podcast Dane and Taylor describe their transition from the modern critical text position to the traditional or confessional text position. Key for them was coming to understand a confessional view of the doctrine of providential preservation. Taylor has also written an article on their blog that is worth reading, “A Response to Dr. James White’s ‘Fatal Flaw’ Argument Against the TR.”

The Confessional Text is still a minority view, even in conservative Reformed circles, but it is slowly growing, and for that I am thankful. Could this be a harbinger of other Reformed men who are beginning to see the weaknesses and inconsistencies of embracing the modern critical text [ the “Young, Text-less, and Reformed”]?


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