Thursday, February 21, 2019

Eusebius, EH.1.1: Introduction

I just posted the first installment in the new series of reading through Eusebius's Ecclesiastical History with book 1 chapter 1 (EH.1.1). You can listen here.

Here are the brief notes and comments added at the end:

Eusebius introduces his work and sets out his plan to offer a survey or the period from the life of Christ to his present time (early fourth century).

He aims to describe the great leaders of early Christianity.

He also aims to describe those who have promoted error, including Gnostics.

He also aims to describe opposition to the Christian movement from both Jews and Gentiles.

He notes that he has collected and will make use of historical sources and memoirs of those from the past (those who have held up “the torch” in the “watchtower”).

He is aware that he is the first Christian writer ever to attempt to take up this kind of task. So, he is self-consciously, the “Father of Church History.”


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