Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Pastor Poh Boon Sing on Redeeming the Time

Pastor Poh Boon Sing of the Damansara RBC in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia has shared some thoughts in the most recent online edition of Gospel Highway magazine for Christians and churches on the redeeming the time during this virus outbreak. Read the whole post here. Here is an excerpt with suggestions on how to spend your days if home bound:

While obeying the MCO (Movement Control Order) and engaging in self-quarantine, we must be usefully occupied. Self-quarantine cannot be more difficult than Noah and his family being confined to the ark for 378 days (Gen. 8:14-16 cf. 7:4, 10-11). It cannot be more difficult than those imprisoned, and placed under solitary confinement, for their faith (Heb. 13:3). Watching shows on the television and computer, reading books, playing board-games (and mahjong?) with the family may have their place, but some sort of order might be more helpful. Those studying and working online would have less difficulty using time well. Others might want to use the morning in study, learning a new language, practicing on a musical instrument, and the like. The afternoon can be spent on the less mentally-demanding activities such as reading, listening to music, watching shows, etc. Some time in the evening may be spent in physical workouts — on the exercise-mat, exercise-ball, workout bicycle, the punch-bag, the martial arts wooden dummy, etc. The internet offers many packaged lessons and workouts. Pastors must keep themselves busy, preparing messages to deliver by live-streaming. The weekly meetings of the church should be kept going, even though virtually, i.e. through the internet.


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