Friday, January 07, 2011

Andrew Webb: Ten Spiritual Suggestions for the New Year

We're just getting back in town after a wonderful week of vacation in Florida.  We were walking around the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine yesterday in c. 70 degree weather (and the locals say they're having a cool winter!) and then drove through a snow flurry coming back into North Garden late this afternoon.

A friend passed on this post from Pastor Andrew Webb's Building Old School Churches blog on "Ten Suggestions to Help You Grow in Grace and Knowledge in the New Year."  Here's a summary:

1.  Read your Bible before you read your email, log on to Face Book, turn on the radio, etc.

2.  Start attending the church events you normally miss

3.  Begin and stick to a pattern of daily family worship

4.  Start reading systematically through the Bible

5.  Read at least two Christian biographies this year

6.  Start keeping a prayer log

7.  Start meeting for fellowship and accountability with other Christians

8.  Begin reading about and praying for the persecuted church

9.  Start praying that the Lord would give you opportunties to share your faith with others

10.  Don't do anything you couldn't ask the Lord to bless in prayer!


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