Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Vision (8/12/10): "Three Characters" of God's People

Image:  Scene from baptismal service on the Rivanna River (8/8/10)

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How about another gleaning from Thomas Watson? In his work on The Lord’s Prayer, Watson asks, “How shall we know that we are God’s elect people?” He then offers “three characters” that should mark God’s people:

1. God’s people are a humble people.

The livery [servant’s uniform] which all Christ’s people wear is humility. ‘Be clothed with humility’ (1 Peter 5:5). A sight of God’s glory humbles. Elijah wrapped his face in a mantle when God’s glory passed by. ‘Now mine eye seeth thee, wherefore, I abhor myself’ (Job 42: 5, 6). The stars vanish when the sun appears. A sight of sin humbles. In the glass of the word, the godly see their spots, and they are humbling spots. Lo, says the soul, I can call nothing my own but sins and wants. A humble sinner is in a better condition than a proud angel.

2. God’s people are a willing people.

‘A people of willingness;’ love constrains them; they serve God freely, and out of choice. Psalm 110:3. They stick at no service; they will run through a sea, and a wilderness; they will follow the Lamb wherever he goeth.

3. God’s people are a heavenly people.

‘They are not of this world’ (John 17:16)…. They use the world as their servant, but do not follow the world as their master. ‘Our conversation is in heaven’ (Phil 3:20).

Such as have these three characters of God’s people, have a good certificate to show that they are pardoned.

May the Lord be pleased to stamp our congregation with these three distinctive marks.

Grace and peace, Pastor Jeff Riddle

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