Friday, March 02, 2012

Tebow bill spiked in Virginia Senate

Image:  These students from Varina High School happened to show up at the committee meeting discussing the Tebow bill yesterday in Richmond to register their opposition to allowing homeschoolers to participate in public sponsored sports programs.  Their posture says it all.

Sadly, the "Tebow" bill was killed in the Virginia Senate's Health and Education Committee yesterday on an 8-7 vote.  According to the comments quoted in this article, I'm not sure which were worse, the statements against the bill or the ones that were for it.  It is amazing that the public education lobby will bend over backwards to acomodate the education of students with special physical needs, but they will fight tooth and nail to block homeschoolers from any access to public services and programs.  So, those who homeschool will continue to pay taxes in Virginia for services and facilities that they are not allowed to use.   

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AJ said...

Ironic! A group of selfish young people, not old enough to vote, demonstrating against the people who helped pay for the uniforms they are wearing.

Funny how they will argue that it is your choice to homeschool, but what they fail to realize is the great price we have to pay to do so. The cost demands that the choice is not "free".