Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Christmas in March

It can be kind of scary when a church member says, "Come out to the car, there's something I want to give you, Pastor."  In the rural church I served in Warsaw, Virgina it might have been a bag of tomatoes or string beans.  In other churches where I have been it might have been a piece of someone's mind! But last Sunday, when I heard that line, I got a really wonderful surprise:  a set of John Owen's seven volume Hebrews commentary, along with William Gouge's two volume commentary on Hebrews. Christmas in March! 


AJ said...

I know that coveting is a sin, so I must confess that I am chief!

I had the distinct opportunity of teaching through Hebrews at our former church before moving to Texas. I had Owen's abridged version (a single paperback) because Owen was a must for Hebrews and I couldn't afford the real deal.

Possibly my favorite book of the Bible, THE commentary on Hebrews, written by the greatest theologian England ever produced, ENJOY!

Are you thinking of preaching through Hebrews? If not before, are you now??

Jeffrey T. Riddle said...

I am giving prayerful consideration of what to preach when we conclude our current Romans series. I am thinking about both Galatians and Hebrews for the future. I also did a series over the last year in 1 Samuel and would like to do 2 Samuel. The other consideraton is that it has been a while since we were in one of the Gospels. I don't think we should go too long without preaching from the Gospels. Whenever I get to Hebrews I will be well equipped (with commentaries, at least!).

Blessings, JTR