Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ten Ways in Which a Christian Woman Treats Her Husband

This was our second handout in the "Foundations for Christian Family" Class at JPBC last Sunday:

1. She follows his lead and responds to his initiative. When he offers leadership in the family, she does not resist or belittle his efforts but intelligently follows. This does not mean that she blindly follows him into sin.

2. She offers him respect and admiration. She knows that most men have a deep need to be looked up to by their families and especially by their wives. She finds qualities in him that are praiseworthy and focuses on those.

3. Her words build him up. She does not put him down with her words. She does not nag him.

4. She puts his needs above her own.

5. She honors and respects him as a man.

6. She is willing to forgive him when he makes mistakes. She does not keep a record of his past wrongs and periodically remind him of them.

7. She prefers him above all other men.

8. She does not resent her role in the family.

9. She compliments him and expresses gratitude for the things he does.

10. She does not let the sun go down on her anger.

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Heath said...

Great work Pastor Jeff! Keep glorifying Christ!


Birmingham, Al