Monday, December 04, 2006

Tips from Beeke on Time Management

While at the ETS Meeting I ran into Joel Beeke, Pastor of Heritage Netherlands Reformed Church and President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. I ended up buying two of his books, Meet the Puritans (Reformation Heritage, 2006) and Striving Against Satan (Bryntirion Press, 2006). In addition to being a pastor and scholar, Beeke is also an entrepreneur!

The Striving book is based on lectures Beeke gave in 2004 at the Metropolitan Tabernacle Church in London. I have already read that one and was greatly encouraged by it.

We had thought of inviting Beeke to speak at the Evangelical Forum. I discovered that our best chance of getting him was 2010. He noted that 2009 will be the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth and that lots of events will take place around that time, so his dance card is getting full.

I am impressed at how productive this man is. He is a pastor, a seminary President, author, editor and speaker. I asked him how he is able to do so much.

His answer: First, he said he had a good wife who supported him. Second, he said he does not watch television. Third, he does not surf the internet.


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Pastor Steve said...

Joel Beeke at the Evangelical Forum in 2010? Now that sounds like some long-range planning!