Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ten Ways in Which a Christian Man Treats His Wife

Last Sunday, we had our second "Foundations for Christian Family" class in the Sunday School hour (9:30-10:30 am) at JPBC. We talked about the roles of men and women in marriage and family. Here are ten ways a Christian man is to treat his wife:
1. He takes responsibility for the family. If things do not go well in any area, he does not blame her but first examines himself and accepts full responsibility. He knows that the buck stops with him.

2. He takes the initiative. He does not sit back and wait for his wife to take charge. For example, if a problem arises, he readily admits when he has made a mistake and asks for forgiveness.
3. He speaks kindly. He does not raise his voice. He does not ignore her questions. He does not put down her ideas. He listens to her and values her counsel.

4. He puts her needs above his own and those of others. He does not think first of what is best for himself. He thinks first of what is best for his family. He spends time with her. He does not insist in having things done his way.
5. He makes sacrifices for her. With money, for example, he spends less on himself so that she can have more.

6. He respects her and treats her as a woman. If he is sitting, he gets up when she walks into the room. He opens doors for her. He lifts heavy things for her. When they go somewhere in a car, he usually drives.

7. He leads the family in spiritual things. He leads the family in prayer and Bible reading. He makes sure the family attends church meetings.

8. He prefers her above other women. He is careful not to pay undue attention to other women. He does not compare her to other women. He does not have close friendships or long, private conversations with other women. She knows he only has eyes for her.

9. He compliments her and expresses gratitude to her for the things she does.

10. He does not let the sun go down on his anger. He never goes to bed at night with a conflict unsettled or leaves the home in anger.

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