Thursday, April 01, 2021

WM 198: Kept Pure Follow Up




Howie said...

Wish I'd been there ;) Looking forward to learning when the sessions will be posted.

Dr. Riddle, you mentioned in your follow-up that Dr. Edward F. Hills daughter
attended and how glad she was that the work continues.

The Lord does this.

As Dr. Hills would have concurred, many years prior Dr. John Burgon of Oxford and Dean of Chichester, also a defender of the Traditional Text (Received Text) stated, "The issue of this prolonged contention I now commend, with deep humility, to Almighty God. The Spirit of truth will, I know, take good care of His Own masterpiece -- the written Word of God." Amen!

As God preserves and keeps pure His infallible Word in all ages, so too He ordains the means to that end. Thanks to 5 Sola's Church, Pastor McShaffrey and Dr. Riddle for hosting and/or speaking at this conference.

Unknown said...

Hi Jeff: what a blessed and spectacular set of lectures at the Kept Pure conference in Reedsburg was delivered by you. The Front Row presented the best seats in the house; we who sat there gained greatly.
Having read your book : "John Owen ... preservation" and having taken Owen's volume 16 beginning at page 282 from my bookshelf, I properly appreciate your fresh-telling of Owen's writing. Your skillful and tasteful handling of the Latin-unto-English is wonderfully effective.
I hope you obtained a copy of David Sorenson's newest book - Neither Oldest Nor Best. It is a superb work. How sorrowful it is that too many men think that what they learned about the Sinaiticus 20 or 30 or 40 years ago is determinative. Bah!
Thanks for being such a blessing - - keep powering ahead -- We need you. Blessings, Douglas C. Carr