Monday, October 12, 2020

The Particular Baptist Podcast Debate: Is the Textus Receptus the Word of God?



The Particular Baptist podcast is a ministry of some young men from a sister RB church (Covenant RBC, Warrenton) in the Reformed Baptist Fellowship of Virginia. This episode from 10/3/20 features a charitable and collegial debate on the topic: "Is the Textus Receptus the Word of God?" Sean Cheetham did a very able job in defending the TR and Daniel Vincent represented well the modern critical text side. Glad these types of conversations are taking place.

Enjoy! JTR


Howie said...

Thanks for posting this Dr. Riddle, a good and charitable discussion/debate!

As you pointed out in a recent Stylos post, Christian McShaffrey recently brought to light some interesting history that one of the brothers advocating the Critical Text failed to uncover (while arguing its contrary)... evidently, later in life, Van Til embraced the text position of Dr. Edward F. Hills (a noted/credentialed Text Critic and TR advocate and, interestingly, a student of Van Til) as consistent with his own presuppositional apologetic method. You can read about this here:

Septextura said...

Thank you for sharing the video.

I do enjoy debates, but I absolutely love the Confessional Bibliology roundtables as a format. Much more edifying and stimulative for learning.

God bless.