Saturday, August 13, 2016

Searched and Known # 6: The Alternative Uses of Elohim (Psalm 82:6; John 10:34)

Ethan McG. has posted a new edition of his apologetics podcast: Searched and Known # 6.  You can listen to this episode here.

In this episode Ethan and I discuss the alternative meanings of the Hebrew word Elohim, from gods, to angels, to judges, to Jehovah.

We especially discuss the usage of the word in Psalm 82:6: "Ye are gods [elohim]" and Jesus' citation of this verse in John 10:34: "Ye are gods [theoi]." Though some have improperly taken this citation to bolster some form of polytheism, we make the argument that in Psalm 82 the term means "judges." When Jesus cites the verse in John 10:34, his point is to castigate the Jews who rejected him.  His rhetorical point:  You were not offended when corrupt men were given the title of judges [theoi; elohim], but you are offended when I, a fully sanctified man, is called the Son of God (see John 10:35-36).


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