Tuesday, August 09, 2011

NPR and the Historical Adam

NPR did a segment this morning titled Evangelicals Question the Existence of Adam and Eve.  The report clearly had a bias against the traditional, Biblical position, presenting "Christian scholars" who embrace evolution as heroic and persecuted.  At the least, Al Mohler, SBC pundit, did get a few comments in defending traditional perspective.

The low point came in a comparison drawn at the end to "the church" opposing Galileo.  The problems with "Galileo" story is that is falsely presents Christianity as opposed to the advances of "science."  The truth is that modern science and technology developed from a Biblical worldview which saw the creation as inherently good and mankind as possessing dominion to master, explore, and understand God's creation.  Science flourished in areas where Christianity (and especially Protestantism) exerted a dominant influence (Northern and Western Europe and North America).  The opposition to Galileo did not come from "Christianity" but from the Roman Catholic church which was committed to extrabiblical pagan philosophy (the geocentric universe).

Listening to this report also made me appreciate Dr. David Murray's timely address at last year's Keach Conference, titled The Quest for the Historical Adam.


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