Saturday, August 13, 2011


In one of Scott Meadows’ sermons on worship he cites from “Affirmation 2010,” a doctrinal and practical statement sponsored by The Bible League and drawn up by a group of ministers in the UK. This document lists a series of affirmations and denials. In part 10 on “Reverence in Worship,” after affirming “the concept of reverence for God,” it offers this rejection:

We reject the spirit prevailing in many churches with its tendency to turn worship into nothing more than worldly entertainment. It grieves us that, in God’s house, ministers so often choose to dress casually and conduct themselves in an undignified manner, as it also grieves us that congregations are prone to follow their bad examples, becoming cavalier about God and His holiness and behaving in a most unworthy and unseemly manner. The reverence and awe of God have tragically all but disappeared in our day.


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