Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reb Bradley: Blind Spots for Homeschoolers

The Fall 2011 The Virginia Home Educator (the HEAV news magazine) has a good article by Reb Bradley titled, "Crisis in Homeschooling:  Exposing Major Blind Spots of Homeschoolers" (pp. 8-12).  This article is an edited version of a longer 2006 essay that can be read online here.

Bradley speaks honestly and plainly about blind spots for many homeschoolers.  I could certainly see how I personally and my family have also failed in some of the areas Bradley discusses.

Bradley's 9 Blindspots for Homeschoolers (the online version lists 7 blind spots):

1.  Having self-centered dreams.

2.  Raising family as an idol.

3.  Emphasizing outward form.

4.  Tending to judge.

5.  Depending on formulas.

6.  Depending on authority and control.

7.  Over-relying on sheltering.

8.  Not passing on a pure faith.

9.  Not cultivating a loving relationship with our children.


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