Saturday, August 20, 2011

John Owen on losing our first love

I started an afternoon sermon series last Lord's Day on the Letters to the Seven Churches (Revelation 2-3). The first message was Ephesus:  The Loveless Church.  In preparation, I ran across this passage in John Owen's Communion with God in which he contrasts the inconsistency of the saint's love for God compared to God's love for his saints:

Our love to God ebbs and flows, waxes and wanes, increases and decreases.  We lose our first love, and we grow again in love.  Unlike Christ, we are never the same yesterday, today and for ever.  What poor creatures we are!  How unlike the Lord and his love!....  One moment we appear to stand.  Like Peter we say, ‘Though all men forsake you, I will not!’  Then we fall and deny Christ (p. 25).


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