Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Scenes in Virginia

It's raining today, but yesterday evening I was able to do some work outside, getting our garden ready for planting while the boys jumped on the trampoline. 

I worked on the fence around our garden plots to keep out deer, etc.

Some of our herbs have already come back strong, like this parsley...

...this mint...

...and this sage.

We have even had some "volunteer" lettuce come back.  Looking forward to being able to go out to the garden and pick a fresh salad for lunch or supper in a few months.

We are down to one rooster, after swapping two at the hatchery for hens.  Gotta love fresh eggs!

Llewellyn's tomato and cucumber plants started from seed, sitting on our front porch, and ready to be planted soon.

I planted this Euonymus bush two years ago.  You have to love the vibrant green and yellow colors in Spring.

Hasta and liriope plants along the walk


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