Friday, April 01, 2011

CRBC Worship April 2011

Image:  Scene from my backyard in North Garden this morning.

Note: We will continue our Romans series in 10:30 AM worship and our Book of the Twelve series in 1:00 PM worship in April at CRBC. Also included below are the psalms and hymns we plan to sing this month for those who might like to practice singing these songs in private devotions or family worship this month.

April 3

AM The Spirit’s Groaning (Romans 8:24-27)

No. 7 (CCH) Sing Praise to God

No. 413 Psalm 51

No. 248 Come to our poor nature’s night

PM The Message of Nahum

Psalm 115 (DIX)

No. 16 (CCH) How Sad Our State By Nature Is

Psalm 92 (DARWALL’S 148th)

April 10

AM A verse that has blessed many (Romans 8:28)

Psalm 100 (OLD 100th)

No. 580 It is well with my soul

No. 93 Lord, my weak thought in vain would climb

PM The Message of Habbakuk

Psalm 119: 153-160 (GUIDANCE)

No. 581 To thee, O Lord, I fly

No. 26 (CCH) The Master Hath Come

April 17

AM The Golden Chain of Redemption (Romans 8:29-30)

No. 173 All glory, laud, and honor

No. 94 What e’re my God ordains is right

No. 175 Man of Sorrows!

PM The Message of Zephaniah

Psalm 119:161-168 (GUIDANCE)

No. 677 Nothing But the Blood


April 24

AM More than Conquerors (Romans 8:31-39)

No. 50 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty


No. 205 (text) Christ, the Lord is risen today (LYRA)

PM The Message of Haggai

Psalm 119:169-176 (GUIDANCE)

No. 206 Low in the grave he lay

No. 212 A Hymn of Glory Let us Sing

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