Monday, April 11, 2011

God's Technology

We don't normally do "Sunday School" at CRBC, but yesterday we had a special class in which we invited our families to view and discuss the excellent video by David Murray titled, God's Technology:  Teaching Our Children To Use Technology to God's Glory.

I would commend it to any individual, family, school, or church as a useful ministry tool.

You can read more about the DVD on David Murray's blog and watch an interview with Murray by Tim Challies here.


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Jeff Wagner said...

Pastor Jeff,
Thanks for the emphasis on this topic. Working in the technology field, I cannot stress enough the importance of awareness. Realizing the potential dangers and putting safeguards in place can help open channels of conversation within the family and avert mistakes. However, we should not be too extreme in our handling of it - too afraid to touch it or too naive in minimizing the risks. Neither extreme is productive. Most importantly, we can and should learn the proper usage of this tool and apply it for God's glory since it truly is His technology. Oh, what a blessing we have in the technology God has provided and the ability He has given us to use it properly.