Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Andrew Fuller: The Nature of the Gospel

I have posted another Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) sermon reading to the Andrew Fuller Library on sermonaudio.com.  The message is titled, “The Nature of the Gospel, And The Manner In Which It Ought To Be Preached.”  In this powerful message, Fuller encourages boldness in gospel preaching.  Here is an excerpt:

You must not calculate consequences as they respect this life. If you would preach the gospel as you ought to preach it, the approbation of God must be your main object. What if you were to lose your friends and diminish your income; nay, what if you lose your liberty, or even your life—what would this all be, compared with the loss of the favor and friendship of God? Woe unto us, if we shun to declare any part of the counsel of God! He that is afraid or ashamed to preach the whole of the gospel, in all its implications and bearings, let him stand aside; he is utterly unworthy of being a soldier of Jesus Christ. Sometimes, if you would speak the whole truth, you may be reproached as unsound and heterodox. But you must not yield to popular clamour. If you have truth on your side, stand firm against all opposition.


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