Monday, June 23, 2008

The Fundamentalist Critique of Dever

Mark Dever has been having some dialogue with Fundamentalists with regard to what it means to be "Together for the Gospel." See the 9 Marks "Forum on Fundamentalism."
Thanks to Jamie H. for also sending me this link to the June 14 post by Dever on the 9Marks blog: "Mark Dever doesn't practice separation?" Dever ends with this statement and question:
To sum it up, I want my separation from the world to be more pronounced than my separation from other Christians. Does this make sense?
I think the Fundamentalist brothers are asking some good questions, however. Will the resurgence of "Calvinism" or even "church discipline" be merely "the next big thing" in neo-evangelicalism in the same way "innerancy" was in the 1970s? Will agreement on soteriology or ecclesiology alone be enough to keep the evangelical church from sliding into compromise?

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