Tuesday, June 10, 2008

HEAV (Final Thoughts)

This is late now, but….

Highlights on the second day of the HEAV Conference (Saturday, June 7th):

I went (late) to Geoff Botkin’s morning session on "100 Years of Hollywood History." He recommended Ben Stein’s book, The View from Sunset Strip which outlined Hollywood’s view that all businessmen are criminals, all military men are war-mongers, all ministers are charlatans, small towns are backward, liberated women who reject motherhood are heroic, and Dads are stupid.

He talked a lot about Marx and his influence on Hollywood. He said Marx’s main goal was to destroy Christendom. Marx was a "dominion man" who wanted to gain hegemony over culture. Two fronts in the war for Marxists were cinema and schools. "A delinquent people depend on demoralizing entertainment."

Botkin said his family only viewed films to study them and their impact on the culture. They never watch films for entertainment.

We joined some other JPBC families (Sean and Jennifer A., John and Christina B., Heidi M., and Tracy M.) who were attending HEAV for lunch. It was neat to have fellowship with them while there.

In the afternoon I went to hear Jay Wile’s talk on "Eco-hysteria: A Scientist Examines the ‘Environmentalist’ Movement." He spent his time questioning the science behind "global warming," arguing that, at best, the only thing we can tell is that there have been various periods of global warming and cooling throughout history and that current conditions are not unusual.

Resources suggested:

He also mentioned petitionproject.com where thousands of scientists with credentials have expressed their reservations about the science behind global warming.

Contra Wile, however, it was blazing hot over the weekend. And, of course the a/c in our van went out last Thursday and only one of our front windows will roll down, so we had a rather "warm" ride home. By God’s grace, we did avoid heat stroke.

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Tracy said...

I'm so glad you both avoided heat stroke!

Thanks for sharing what you learned in the sessions you attended. I had so much fun, I am already excited to attend next year:)