Friday, June 27, 2008

Riddle makes cover of "Banner"...sort of

Photo above left: Chip C. points to the July 2008 Banner of Truth Cover.

Photo right: Chip C. points out me and Howard in this close-up.

Chip C. came into VBS on Tuesday night with his copy of the July 2008 Banner of Truth to show me that Howard A. and I had made the cover. The shot has Iain Murray during the book talk at the 2008 Banner Conference with Howard (yellow short) and me (blue shirt) in the background.
My life is now complete. I have made the cover of the Banner. What else is there to accomplish?


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. I got my copy in the mail yesterday and as I was admiring all the books on the end of the table was none other than you and Howard. Hyunju and I got a good chuckle out of it.

So with all those great Banner books on display, which ones did you guys purchase?

Brian M.

Anonymous said...

I only came back with 6 books, but I was a little worried for a while that Jeff's purchases would displace room in the cab of his truck, and I might end up riding home on the back.
Grace, mercy, & peace to you,
Howard A.

Jeffrey T. Riddle said...


I never knew so many JPBCers had "Banner" subscriptions.


It's all about priorities. If you had to choose books or food, which would you take?

Also, if I got too many books, you could have always sat in the truck bed. You know how cautiously I drive.