Wednesday, February 01, 2006

No Super Bowl Party this Sunday at JPBC

Attention all JPBC-ers! We will not be having a church-wide Super Bowl Party this Sunday. We will also not be participating in the religio-socially correct observance of the "Soup-er Bowl of Caring" (a glorified Christian can-drive tagged to Super Bowl weekend). We will be having our regular Lord’s Day evening worship from c. 6-7 pm and continue our verse by verse exposition of Exodus (we are in chapter 28 and will be looking at the subject of the priestly garments).

After the service, members can feel free to return home and be led by their consciences either to watch the much hyped game (and its commercials) or watch "Bleak House" on PBS’s Masterpiece Theater or read a good book or simply go to bed early. I know at least one Sunday School class is gathering to watch the game after the evening service (what did evangelicals do before tivo?) and I wish them well in that. I have dubbed this Super Bowl the "Olson Bowl," after the Walt Olson family in our church. Walt is originally from Seattle (where his mother and siblings still live) and he moved to C-ville to work at UVA from the University of Pittsburgh. We have grown accustomed to Walt and Katie coming to Sunday evening worship in the fall wearing their Steelers jerseys. Go Steelers!

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