Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ten Ways to Enrich Lord's Day Worship

1. Get a good night’s rest on Saturday evening. Come to church rested and refreshed.

2. Read and ponder the sermon text before the worship service. We are going through 2 Corinthians on Sunday mornings and Exodus on Sunday evenings. Note where we conclude each week and read ahead for the next Sunday.

3. Arrive in the sanctuary early enough to be able to find a place to sit and greet friends.

4. After greeting friends, take some time before the service to sit quietly, pray, and prepare your heart for worship. You might prepare by reading a passage from the Psalms.

5. Bring your Bible to the worship service. Follow along as the Word of God is read. Look up other passages that might be cited.

6. If you have children, coach them on how to enjoy participating in worship. Make sure everyone has a chance to visit the restroom before the service begins and encourage them not to exit and re-enter while the service is taking place.

7. Participate in all aspects of the service. Join, for example, in the congregational singing, even if you can only make a "joyful noise."

8. Pray for the worship leaders. Pray for those who lead in music, the deacons, and the Pastor.

9. Pray for your fellow worshippers. Lift up the people around you. Pray for any unsaved who might be present that they might be open to the gospel.

10. At the close of the service, look around for new faces and welcome them to our church.


Anonymous said...

Brother Jeff,

Great advice for any church member. I realize that some of your members do actually read this blog, so it is with caution that I invite you or anyone else to read my recent posting.


Anonymous said...

I realized that my statement was incomplete. I ment to say, take a look at the recent posting at my blog Baptist Reform.