Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Caner versus Calvinism

Liberty Seminary Dean Ergun Caner (and his brother Emir from Southwestern Baptist Seminary) took on Calvinism in comments posted to an entry at Tom Aschol’s Founder’s blog last week (innocently enough on Johnny Hunt's SBC Presidential candidacy) and that set off a much larger conversation. Last I checked over 300 comments were posted in the discussion. A new discussion thread has set off more than a 100 other posts. I did not read the entire thread but skimmed a few of the comments. My guess is that it is getting a wide reading in the SBC.

By the way, we had Caner speak on Christianity and Islam at JPBC a few years ago and he did a great job. He was one of the most personal, gracious, and popular guest speakers we have ever had at JPBC. His comments on the Founder’s blog, however, are pretty far off base. Apologist James White also weighed in on the discussion and he has now challenged Caner to a public debate on the doctrines of grace, offering even to have the debate at Liberty. Though it would be worth hearing, I doubt it will ever take place.

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