Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Feedback on "Grace Walk" Book Review

I got an email from a pastor this week who had discovered our online book review of Steve McVey’s book Grace Walk. He wrote:
"Jeff, a few people have picked up this book in my congregation and as I began to read it the warning bells starting ringing. I see a false doctrine of mystical merging of the personality of Christ in a way that our human personality is discounted. Also the body is still dead because of sin and must be dealt with by obedience and discpline and fellowship with God. My wife found your article on the web and I thank you for it. I am going to print it off as an antidote to gracewalk. thanks."

I completed the review a couple of years ago when McVey was the featured speaker at the annual BGAV meeting. I am thankful that this review was a help to this brother. Thanks to Brian Davis for maintaining our website and keeping these resources available.


Anonymous said...

its my opinion that mcvey is on to something. I've recently exited the evangelical treadmill and have experienced a fresh understanding of who I am in Christ and the fruits of that

Jeffrey T. Riddle said...


I respectfully disagree. I think the only thing McVey is onto is a form of evangelical antinomianism. I too got out off "the evangelical treadmill," but I have found Reformed theology and practice to be a more satisfying alternative than what McVey advocates. May the Lord lead as you ponder these things.