Tuesday, February 22, 2022

WM 227: Vince Krivda: Which TR?!



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Mark Ward said...

I appreciated Vince's obvious courtesy to me. He'd already won a lot of points with me in personal interaction but, if anything, he's gone up in my estimation after hearing this interview. Thank you, brother!

A question I would have liked to ask both gentlemen: does the adoption of a macro-TR as your standard mean you are giving up the use of Matthew 5:18 as a prooftext? I didn't hear that verse get mentioned, but maybe I missed it! What does Christ's promise about the jots and tittles mean if the fulfillment is a "macro-TR"? I am trying to put this together in my mind.

And, Dr. Riddle, I am not a critic of the KJV, only of KJV-Onlyism. I love the KJV, and I stand united with its translators against KJV-Onlyism in all its forms.