Wednesday, February 02, 2022

We Get Letters: Interesting Follow Up to WM 221

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We get letters...

A listener sent me an interesting email a few days back regarding, WM 221, so I thought I'd share part of it here:

Yesterday, I listened to WM 221 on “J. K. Elliott, Radical Eclecticism, and Academic Respectability.” It is interesting to see where Elliott’s view fits in the milieu. I tried to find some specific information online about Elliott’s religious or non-religious views, but came up with nothing related to that subject. However, I did find this intriguing response to a review by Elliott, which you probably will find interesting.

My Response to J. Keith Elliott’s Review--Chris Keith

Also I appreciate your mentioning “‘Intellectual Respectability’ and the Scripture,” chapter 7 in Iain Murray’s book Evangelicalism Divided (which I don’t have but now plan to get). I think that the respectability problem is a very real problem, especially for the evangelical text critics, but also for many of us....


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