Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Some Gems from Van Kleeck, Sr. on Providential Preservation


Some gems from the Introduction to Peter Van Kleeck, Sr.’s AnExegetical Grounding for a Standard Sacred Text:

"How one interprets the Bible depends wholly on one's a priori acceptance of the Scripture as God's Word" (4).

"The 'house of the Lord' [Ps, 27:4] has always been the best place to do theology" (26).

"Like so many other things God allows in his providence, the 'industrial grade' bible exists for the Church to grow stronger by its rejection" (33).

"Scripture's preservation is first recognized intuitively" (34).

"Preservation is incontrovertibly linked with inspiration” (35).

"Providential preservation does not exist within the observable boundaries of scientific categories to be classified, nor can it be observed till after the fact" (36).

"The Bible cannot be what it says it is if God did not providentially preserve it for us" (44).

DV, I'll have Dr. Van Kleeck, Sr. as a guest on the WM podcast next week to discuss his new book.


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