Thursday, March 03, 2016

Word Magazine # 48: Conversation with Chris Thomas

Image:  JTR and Chris Thomas at HBU.

One of the benefits of attending the Erasmus Conference last week in Houston was getting the chance to meet Chris Thomas face to face.  Chris, from Greenville, Texas, hosts the Confessional Bibliology website and organizes the Confessional Bibliology Facebook group.  We sat down at the HBU conference between sessions and had a brief conversation debriefing the Erasmus conference and the emerging Confessional Text movement.  I have posted our discussion as WM # 48 (listen here).


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Victor Leonardo Barbosa said...

Concerning that a critical edition of Textus Receptus should be printed, with the variants of another editions of TR, I totally agree Jeff, and I Think that Stephanus 3° edition as Text-base would be very productive.

Congrats for the Conference and God bless!