Saturday, May 23, 2015

Word Magazine # 37: Reaction: Duggar Scandal

This afternoon I recorded and posted WM # 37:  Reaction:  Duggar Scandal to

As the title indicates this episode offers a reflection on the recent scandal relating to Josh Duggar and the "19 Kids and Counting" television program on TLC.

Here is an outline of five thoughts on this scandal presented in WM 37:

1.  It illustrates the problems of gossip and tale-bearing.

2.  It reminds us that the world holds professed Christians to a higher standard.

3.  It shows that those who live by the media might also die by it.

4.  It shines the light on some weak spots in the Christian homeschooling movement.

5.  It reminds us that no matter to what degree we might be isolated from the world we still must do battle with the unseen presence of indwelling or remaining sin in our lives.

I also made mention of this sermon by David Silversides asking, in part, whether Christians should aspire to be entertainers.

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Phil Brown said...

Some good thoughts.