Friday, May 01, 2015

Nepal Update (May 1, 2015)

Here is an update on the ministry of brethren in Nepal that came today from Pastor Boon Sing Poh:

Dear Brethren & Friends,

Pr. Samuel Rai has sent out four teams - each consisting of five to nine people - to various areas needing help. Tents, blankets, food etc. are being distributed. One team led by Pr. Mitra Rai is still in Dhading, where 300 people died. Adding to the problem is that landslide has swept away and buried many houses. At around the epicentre of the earthquake, some 16 to 18 churches have been destroyed. 

Pr Timothy and his family have moved from Kathmandu to Pokhara, to stay with Samuel Rai. Timothy was the person who translated for me in the seminar held in Pokhara during our visit to Nepal last February. His house and church building in Kathmandu were destroyed by the earthquake. Thankfully, no one was injured.

A team of three persons are on the way to the Indian border by chartered lorry to buy things needed for relief work. Basic things in Pokhara have run out or are expensive. In cooperation with some other churches, Samuel Rai and church members are ministering to the earthquake victims, including Hindus and Buddhists. From emergency help, they are moving into short-term relief and planning for long-term relief. 

Tele-communications has barely been restored. Telephone conversations and internet access last a couple of minutes each time. Even money transferred to bank accounts do not get through immediately. In the brief conversation by phone this morning, Samuel Rai was relieved to know the sum we have sent so that he knows how much he can spend. We will send in the collection of the Nepal Earthquake Fund as it accrues. For information on contribution to NEF, please go to

Let's continue to pray for Nepal.

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