Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Vision (5.1.14): CRBC 2014 "Puritan" Vacation Bible School

CRBC 2014 “Puritan” Vacation Bible School
June 23-26 (Monday-Thursday)
Covenant Lower School, 1000 Birdwood Road
Charlottesville, Virginia
2014 Theme:  The Life of Jesus (Gospel of Mark)

Image:  Scene from 2013 VBS
VBS is for children ages preschool to 12.  Older children (ages 13-18) will be youth helpers.  Parents and family may also stay and participate in the sessions if they like.
Free Lunch will be served on site for participants and families daily from 12:30—1:00 pm.
Daily Schedule:
9:50 am—10:00 am                      Arrival
10:00 am—10:30 am                   Opening (procession, songs, etc.)
10:30 am—10:45 am                   Bible Lesson
10:45 am—11:15 am                   Recreation
11:15 am—11:30 am                   Refreshment Break
11:30 am—12:00 pm                   Craft
12:00 am—12:15 pm                   Bible Lesson Review
12:15 pm—12:30 pm                   Closing
12:30 pm—1:00 pm                     Lunch/Pick-up
Daily Bible Topics:
Monday:                   Jesus Begins His Ministry (Mark 1)
Tuesday:                   The Power and Miracles of Jesus (Mark 2-8)
Wednesday:             The Teaching of Jesus (Mark 9-13)
Thursday:                 The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus (Mark 14-16)

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