Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What does the Reformed pastor preach when December 25 falls on Sunday?

What do you preach when December 25 falls on Sunday?  This is a particularly important question if you are a Reformed church and try to hold to the Regulative Principle. Do you preach on the Incarnation, taking obvious advantage of the season to preach the gospel, or do you ignore it altogether so as not to give credence to man-made holy days?

Last Sunday at CRBC, I chose simply to continue the two series we have been completing. In the morning I preached on The Death of Saul from 1 Samuel 31 and in the afternoon on How does God execute his decrees? from the Spurgeon Baptist Catechism series.

I glanced at sermonaudio.com today to see what other preachers/churches chose to do with their December 25, 2011 messages.  One thing I noticed is that with the holiday season, lots of churches (our included) have not yet updated their messages from last Sunday.  Here is a brief sample:

Heritage Netherlands Reformed:

Robert McCurley, Greenville Presbyterian Church (Free Church of Scotland, Continuing)

John Thackway, Holywell Evangelical Church

Greg Barkman, Beacon Baptist Church

On this topic, you might especially find Robert McCurely's am message of interest.

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