Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Is Michael Horton "Lutheran"?

Here's another plug for some stimulating recent episodes of the Reformed Forum:

On the 200th episode, the Forum featured an interview with Westminary Seminary (Philadelphia) theology professor Lane Tipton on the doctine of Union with Christ.  In the course of the discussion, Tipton took issue with those who stress the doctrine of justification in the ordo salutis over the doctrine of union with Christ.  He referred to this as a "Lutheran" position and even suggested it could tend to Pelagianism.  Tipton took issue, in particular, with Michael Horton.  He also included criticism for J. V. Fesko for questioning the docrine of "definitive sanctification."  The conversation demonstrated something of a divide in Reformed circles between Westminster East (Gaffin, Tipton) and Westminster West (Horton, Fesko) on these finer points of soteriology.

Last Friday's 207th episode featured an appearance by Michael Horton who offered a gracious rejoinder to Tipton's criticisms.  It ended with host Camden Bucy reading a written response from Tipton.  Worth hearing.


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AJ said...

Pastor Jeff,

Thanks for this post and links to the audio. This is a very interesting debate going on, DG Hart has been posting much about it on his blog as well.