Thursday, December 08, 2011

Sermon of the Week: Joel Beeke's Family Life Series

This week I've been listening to Joel Beeke's recent Family Life Series at Heritage Netherlands Reformed Church.  I would particularly commend the following:

Building Your Children's Library:  Excellent instruction and ideas from a convinced bibliophile on how to disciple your children by placing good books (not just electronic versions) in their hands.  A good message to listen to if you are thinking of profitable gifts (rather than games or clothes) to give your children for the holiday.

Honoring Authority:  A wonderful message on the broader implications of the fifth commandment.  How can we expect our children to honor us if we speak disparingly of or rebel against our bosses, ministers, or civil government leadership?

Exercising Authority:  A follow up to the previous message which stresses the responsibilties of those in positions of authority, including parents.


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