Monday, September 26, 2011

"A Defense of the Traditional Text" audio available.

I gave two lectures on "A Defense of the Traditonal Text of Scripture" back on September 12th in Roanoke to the Society of Baptist Principles and Practices ministers' fraternal.  I was actually supposed to do one message on this topic and one on the related subject of the ending of Mark. As it turned out, the first message on the traditional text spilled over into two sessions. The fraternal has graciously invited me back in November to continue the teaching by addressing the ending of Mark.  Brother Ovid Need of Providence BC in Baker, WVA recorded the messages and has posted them on his church's sermonaudio site. You can listen here:

One correction (there are likely others) I caught when listening back:  Tyndale's NT was completed in 1525 not 1522. 



AJ said...

Thanks Pastor Jeff. I look forward to listening to them.

AJ said...

Your hypothetical siutation regarding the "new" manuscripts uncovered with Romans 9-11 missing, was a wonderfully amusing, but accurate assessment of the modern "living " text.

Good stuff!