Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Faithful defends the Regulative Principle against Superstition

Image:  Christian and Faithful enter Vanity

We’ve been reading a few pages from Pilgrim’s Progress each evening in our family devotions and recently reached the part where Christian and Faithful travel through Vanity Fair.  When Faithful is arrested and put on trial, one of the charges against him is brought by a witness named Superstition, who is outraged that Faithful has charged the residents of Vanity with vain worship.  Faithful responds, “I said only this, That in the worship of God there is required a divine faith; but there can be no divine faith without a divine revelation of the will of God:  therefore whatever is thrust into the worship of God, that is not agreeable to divine revelation, cannot be done but by human faith; which faith will not be profitable to eternal life."

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