Thursday, April 26, 2007

Vain Jangling

So, we started this new "tradition" at our Deacons meetings this month of reading through the Pastoral epistles (which is a great idea--thanks Chris Marshall for the suggestion!).
We started reading in 1 Timothy going around the circle with everyone taking a couple of verses in turn. Everyone had the JPBC authorized version (the NKJV) except Steve Belcher. When we got to chapter 1, verse 6, Steve providentially read: "From which [faith] some having swerved have turned aside unto vain jangling."
For some reason the phrase "vain jangling" (the NKJV has the very unremarkable "idle talk" here) stood out. For the rest of the evening, we heard comments like this:
"I don't mean to swerve into vain jangling but shouldn't we consider...."
"I don't want to be a vain jangler but ...."
"At the risk of vain jangling, might I suggest ...."
"Is the opposite of vain jangling, jain vangling?"
You get the drift.
That got me thinking of other notable KJV phrasings. Anyone want to share a favorite?

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