Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Commentaries on Judges

This Sunday, Lord willing, I will preach from Judges chapter 21 the 22nd and last message in our series on the book of Judges that started back in September 2006. The audio files for the series are here.

As I have worked through the book of Judges I have been helped by reading three excellent commentaries:

1. Dan Block's Judges, Ruth volume in the New American Commentary Series (Broadman & Holman, 1999) has provided cutting edge Old Testament scholarship and theological insights from an evangelical perspective. Block wrote this while at SBTS but now teaches at Wheaton.

2. Andrew R. Fausset's Judges volume in the Geneva Commentary Series (Banner of Truth, 1999; reprint of 1885 original) provided creative exegesis and exposition from a traditional, Reformed theological outlook. Fausset (1821-1910) was an esteemed Irish churchman.

3. Dale Ralph Davis' Judges: Such a Great Salvation (Christian Focus, 2000; reprint of 1990 orginal) is a popular-format work that provided wit, sharp homiletical insights, and insightful practical application. Davis is a former OT Professor at Reformed Theological Seminary (Jackson, Mississippi) and now a Presbyterian Pastor.

As I have preached through Judges on Sunday mornings and Leviticus (we're still in chapter 19 at this point!) on Sunday evening, we have definitely been immersed in the Old Testament. To quote JPBC's Mr. Rudulph: "I hear that Chris Marshall is the one responsible for his preaching in the Old Testament!" Some have suggested a name change to "Jefferson Park Baptist Synagogue." Another asked why we never see a "Law Baptist Church" or a "Torah Baptist Church," while "Grace Baptist Church"es abound. When Judges is complete, however, we will return to a New Testament book on Sunday mornings.


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Brian Hamrick said...

I was introduced to Block's commentary while at SWBTS. An awesome volume, and a must have for anyone teaching/preaching through Judges.