Thursday, September 07, 2006

TV-Free in September

The Riddle family is taking the month of September as a tv-free month. That is, we decided not to watch any tv this month. This was mainly Llewellyn's idea, largely since she thought the kids were too drawn to watching afternoon shows on PBS rather than doing active things like playing outside.
When we moved out to North Garden in Spring 2005 we could not use our rabbit ears to get local tv reception as we had when we lived in C-ville. Llew ended up calling the satellite company. After much inquiry and much resistance to salesmanship offering a gazillion channels at huge costs, my wise wife was able to get the satellite folk to agree to give us only the four local channels plus PBS for which we pay c. $11.00 per month.
But this month the tv is off. Though it's still early in the month, I have found more time to talk/play with my kids before their bedtime and more time to read and to talk to my wife after the kids go to bed. We'll see what happens in October.

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Tony said...


I applaud your decision. My family has been TV-free for about four months. After a couple of weeks, your children won't even notice its gone.