Monday, September 18, 2006

10% of SBC Pastors are 5-Point Calvinists?

According to the first report from Brad Waggoner, the new leader of SBC's Lifeway Research, 10% of SBC Pastors are 5-point Calvinists. See the BP article. The study was based on a sample of just 413 pastors (I can just hear someone now saying they made calls from the Founders' phone contact list). From my anecdotal experience that does seem a bit high. But who knows? In another surprising find, the study also says that Calvinistic SBC pastors are not just young but come from all ages.


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Could it perhaps be even higher? Notice that four percent said "don't know." This could mean that they may be familiar with the tulip and may agree with much of what it affirms, but are not yet willing to make a verbal commitment to a "system."