Friday, September 01, 2023

Jeff Clark: The Alchemy of Marriage


Image: Flowers, North Garden, Virginia, September 2023

On what would be our 62nd Anniversary if…

I do reminisce about our life together, and it is more sweet than painful.  There was a marvelous providence and grace of God that matched us and managed us through all life’s adventures.  Looking back, I can see it plainly and have come to understand marriage is like the Alchemist trying to use chemistry to turn base metals into Gold.

The Alchemy of Marriage can be described as a combination of God’s providence which brings two people together. It involves the mixing in of love, grace, time, joy, trial, and commitment, thereby turning the two into one new thing which is more valuable than either of the other alone. 

Spiritually we took turns being Mary and Martha to each other. When one was cambered by much caring, the other would be Mary, encouraging a proper focus by taking the better part.  And then there were times when we were both there at the feet of Jesus.  There were also times when we were both Martha working on temporal needs of care.

How good God has been and is to me....

-Elder Jeff Clark, Christ RBC, Louisa, Virginia

Note: This week marked the 62nd anniversary of Elder Jeff’s marriage to Barbara, who went to be with the Lord awaiting the resurrection on November 18, 2020.

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