Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Gleanings from Calvin's Commentary on Genesis on Anthropology


Note: Posts  taken from Twitter/X account: @Riddle1689:

Calvin on the preeminence of man in Genesis 1:26:

"Truly there are many things in this corrupted nature which may induce contempt; but if you rightly weigh all circumstances, man is, among other creatures, a certain pre-eminent specimen of Divine wisdom, justice, and goodness, deservedly called by the ancients mikrikosmos, 'a world in miniature.'"

Calvin on how sin has damaged the imago Dei in his commentary on Genesis 1:26:

"But now, although some obscure lineaments of that image are found remaining in us; yet are they so vitiated and maimed, that they may truly be said to be destroyed.”

Calvin on total depravity:

“For besides the deformity which everywhere appears unsightly, this evil is added, that no part is free from the infection of sin."

Calvin on the imago Christi:

"Since the image of God has been destroyed in us by the fall, we may judge from its restoration what it originally had been. Paul says we are transformed into the image of God by the gospel. And according to [Paul], spiritual regeneration is nothing else than the restoration of the same image. (Col. iii.10, and Eph. iv.23)."


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