Friday, September 01, 2023

Calvin on Genesis


Note: Article taken from posts to my Twitter (X): @Riddle1689:

I read the opening “Argument” to Calvin’s Commentary on Genesis (1563) in preparing to begin my sermon series on Genesis. Here are a few quotes. Citations taken from the Calvin Translation Society edition (1847):

“…it is absolutely impossible to unfold the History of the Creation of the World in terms equal to its dignity” (57).

“The intention of Moses, in beginning his Book with the creation of the world, is to render God, as it were, visible to us in his works” (58).

“The Creation of the world, as here described, was already known through the ancient and perpetual tradition of the Fathers. Yet, since nothing is more easy than that the truth of God should be so corrupted by men… it pleased the Lord to commit the history to writing, for the purpose of preserving its purity” (59).

“…let the world become our school if we desire rightly to know God” (60).

Note Calvin’s geocentric cosmology:

“We indeed are not ignorant, that the circuit of the heavens is finite, and that the earth, like a little globe, is placed in the centre” (61).

“For by the Scripture as our guide and teacher, he not only makes those things plain which would otherwise escape our notice, but also compels us to behold them; as if he had assisted our dull sight with spectacles” (62).

“For this is the argument of the Book: After the world had been created, man was placed in it as a theatre, that he, beholding above him and beneath the wonderful works of God, might reverently adore their Author” (64).

“Let us now hearken to Moses” (66).


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